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Instructor Anderson

Bob Anderson is president and instructor for Force 5 Training Technology. Mr. Anderson is a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. He is a certified armorer for Glock and Mossberg, a Glock firearms instructor, and certified firearms instructor for the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission.

Bob Anderson is an Honor graduate of Executive Security International, the highest rated bodyguard academy in the United States. He has been an E.S.I. representative since 1984 and works as a bodyguard in the US, Canada and throughout Europe. Some of his clients have included Harrison Ford, Chuck Liddell, the Johnson & Johnson family, Placido Domingo, and Franco Zeffirelli.

Author of two books, Defense Dynamic & Health & Fitness for the Road Warrior, Mr. Anderson was also an author of the Personal Security column in the Record Journal for one year.

As an 8th Degree Black Belt with Black Belts in four other disciplines, Bob Anderson is a nationally renowned self-defense specialist with over four decades as a martial artist. His experience and knowledge of realistic self-defense is sought out by many agencies. He has trained agents for the F.B.I., Secret Service, Law Enforcement, and Special Forces groups (both foreign and domestic).

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Vice President Anderson

Tracy Anderson is a certified firearms and safety instructor for Force 5 Training Center. Mrs. Anderson is also the Vice President and purchasing agent for the company.

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